One question for the president |

One question for the president

When The Record-Courier was offered an opportunity to sit down with the President of the United States, we took it.

We were to be allowed one question with the most powerful man in the free world and it would have been an abrogation of our responsibility as journalists and our duty to our community to let that chance pass.

Our question had to reflect what has happened in Douglas County over the past four years. We’re happy to let people decide the question’s quality for themselves, so here it is:

“In Minden, a defunct restaurant put up a sign that said ‘Closed: Obama casualty.’ During most of your presidency, the unemployment rate in Douglas County has stayed above 10 percent, property values have fallen more than 50 percent, and we’ve suffered through a record number of foreclosures and bankruptcies. Why haven’t your economic policies worked in our community?”

We believe the question we asked accurately reflected our community’s feelings about the president. The answer appears on the front page of Friday’s edition.

We doubt one person is going to change their vote based on the answer, and we take it as written that the majority of Douglas County voters will cast their ballots for the apparent Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

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In the interest of balance, we promise our readers that if Gov. Romney comes within 50 miles of Gardnerville and is willing to sit down with an R-C reporter, he’ll get the same treatment.

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