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‘Older white male’ for Wheeler


In response to the Letter to the Editor of Feb. 7, 2014, from Darnell Leegard where she personally attacks Lynn Muzzy, I, as an older white male, find this regrettable. It is interesting how Darnell thinks that Lynn Muzzy, who supports someone who is unapologetically pro-gun, fiercely anti-tax and who irritates pro-tax Republicans is an anarchist. Furthermore, Darnell seems to think that constitutional conservatives are anarchists.

If Darnell has studied Robin Reedy's web site, it would be hard to find where Robin has ever done anything but work in government or been a political consultant. You are not an anarchist if you, like Jim, have lived in the real world, met a payroll in the private sector, and do not support education in the form of Common Core. While serving as chief of staff for Gov. Jim Gibbons, did Robin push for the governor to sign Common Core legislation? I have heard that she did.

Jim Wheeler, while serving as our assemblyman, has racked up the best conservative voting record in Northern Nevada according to NPRI, Citizens Outreach and The Conservative Union. Why would any Republican voter want to turn Jim out of office? Why is Robin Reedy running against him? Maybe because Robin doesn't agree with conservative principles. That thought is troubling.

David Nelson


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