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Obamacare no improvement

Bob Gray


JoEtta Brown’s defense of the Obama administration’s handling of Medicare (Oct. 24) requires a fairy tale suspension of disbeliief.

Ms. Brown recounts lovingly all the wonderful freebies Obama’s Medicare plan will grant us seniors. But even before Obamacare’s $716 billion looting of the program, the “Medicare we must preserve for our children” was spinning down the demographic toilet bowl of too many seniors being delivered benefits too inefficiently, financed by a shrinking base of taxpayers.

Ms. Brown flips her sippy cup cliche, “the costly unfair private market” at the “big insurance company” straw men. But it is Medicare, not Blue Cross or United Healthcare, that is running a 30 percent fraud rate. And no private insurer has press-ganged an army of nosy seniors into a Medicare Patrol vigilante squad, because they don’t employ the-can’t-fire-me-goverment-robots to pay claims.

Instead, the Obama administration will continue to cut provider reimbursements in the name of cost control. Next year, Medicare will cut reimbursements 30 percent and impose even more severe penalties for tiny infractions of their bureaucratic maze of rules. With each Medicare patient guaranteed to be a money loser, it’s going to get mighty crowded at the local urgent care center as a harried nurse passes out Therflu kits and aspirin.

The Obama administration is too misguided and unprepared to preserve Medicare with needed reforms. So while Obama funds birth control pill give-aways with Medicare money to buy votes, those too old and too sick to be treated economically will be on their own.

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