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Obama a bad choice

William Lepore Sr.


I started working on a letter in May gathering facts, web sites and information generally ignored by the media regarding America’s precarious present and future fate. Apparently, according to Obama’s favorable status with-some American voters, substantive information/facts would be a waste of time or above there ability to absorb the information provided by this writer.

Before I proceed any further let me be clear. I considered Obama four long years ago but after several months of learning more about this young unknown man I become knowledgeable of his background from the time of his youth to his Chicago politics. Communism/socialism was schooled in him from early youth and as he later matured he embraced Marxism/Karl Marx.

Obama actually sought and received backing from a Marxist Third Party when he was running for political office in Chicago in 1996. This Administration has put America in a predicable precarious situation. Obama’s fetish desire to print/borrow currency has put this America in the same path worse than Greece. Speaking of Greece please turn on your computer and search “video- why congress does not pass a budget.” Hopefully the video has not been deleted.-Recalling presidents from Roosevelt this writer cannot remember any president who campaigned for four years spouting the same rhetoric and seemingly getting away with the same lies with some voters.

Where is there a “war against women?” Taxpayers do not want to pay for some ones sexual pleasures. Racial war? The only one who has this problem are the ones who are best served by being racist. Remember – Americans voted for a minority.

This writer would really use harsh words if the president was other than a Democrat.

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