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NV Energy trap


The Nevada Public Utility Commission has fallen into the NV Energy trap and been swallowed.

By charging extra for those who do not accept smart meters the PUC is asking those who already pay for meter reading to pay more. What is our benefit – is the service better, electricity better, more reliable, etc. etc.?

By charging for new replacement analog meters the PUC is requiring existing customers to pay for new meters because NV Energy claims their old ones are defective and inaccurate. Note, it is their meters. How does the PUC know that any replacement meters are more accurate or perhaps more inaccurate to the benefit of NV Energy? Was the consultant an arm of NV Energy?

The old price game has been won by NV Energy. They need $5, ask for $10 and get $7.50. They got more than they need and the customers get screwed.

Something is very wrong when the PUC who is charged to protect the monopoly’s customers when in fact they are an arm of the monopoly. I charge the Legislature with the responsibility to fix this problem.

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Stuart Posselt


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