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Not easy to spot

William Barwig


Though once needed and revered, there are institutions of learning in this country that have gone much the same way that our Congress and senate have gone. That is, they have been compromised to the point that they no longer have the ability to defend the goodness, nor reveal the truth to our people.

Before, and during the establishment of this wonderful haven for all freedom loving people the world over, there were what was known as “pamphleteers.” These individuals saw fit to put their thoughts and fears on paper and pass the papers around to the people to call attention to this or that, causing knowledge that would otherwise be unknown.

In this day of advanced technology, you would think the bad guys, with their actions bordering on treason, would be exposed for all the people to know what they’re up to and who they are. But that does not seem to be the case.

The lawyers defend the guilty and the so-called journalists or reporters spin the facts until they no longer resemble the actual truth. So, the people are left with no justice, along with “garbage in…garbage out.” We are told of Obamacare, with umpteen pages of rules and regulations affecting the healthcare of all of the people, yet nobody knows just who wrote those pages. We are told, “the White House says…” yet the people are not told just who these people in the White House are.

Only people who are up to no good hide their intentions from their victims to be. The politicians, the government lawyers, the judges, and all government agencies receive their paychecks from the same source. So, do you believe for one minute that you are going to be allowed to know everything they are up to? Do you think they will sacrifice their livelihood for your security? Dream on, and may the chains set lightly upon you. It has been said, “Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

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One big problem with that, if the media feed the people the same lie over and over again, the people will accept it as the truth and their thoughts and actions will be a reflection of that lie. The electronic media fall all over themselves trying to spend the most time on “the crazy with a gun,” then they tell you how the American people are crying for gun control. Yet, they’ll not spend one minute exposing the corrupt politician who can add to the destruction of our great nation with the stroke of his pen.

So the people have no way of learning the truth unless they take it upon themselves to dig and decide the difference between the lies they are fed, and the truths they uncover. And in so doing, you will acquire the education you never received in the so-called “school of higher learning.”

Let’s fire up the bulldozers, level those places, and go back to the law of the land. The Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

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