No security in schools |

No security in schools

Greg John


Your article in Sunday’s newspaper regarding the school district’s response to the tragedy was very misleading. Several teachers and support staff from around the district told me that they didn’t receive so much as an e-mail concerning any so-called heightened awareness. It is unclear in your article what specific steps were taken by the school district to “heighten security.”

The facts are opposite of Mrs. Noonan’s comments that were in The R-C.

Mrs. Noonan didn’t mention that she eliminated school security with board approval district-wide. Of course, Mrs. Noonan would look you directly in the eye and tell you that school safety is her top priority. However, her actions say otherwise.

The school resource officer, Deputy Meyer is a dedicated cop, but the truth is he is spread way too thin and more often than not he is unavailable. The school safety committee sounds impressive, but having been on that committee for years not much gets accomplished.

Lockdown training is great, but if a trained security guard is on duty, perhaps the gunman never makes it into the building. This school district is very good at saying the right things but actions speak louder than words.

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