No easy answer to gun violence |

No easy answer to gun violence

Michael Avila


This letter is in reply to one of Lynn Muzzy’s infamous off-the-wall rants about liberals and all their dirty, scary schemes.

I, as a proud Democrat, never agreed with the Fast and Furious program. I do not think that the risk to profit margin was anywhere near what should be necessary when risking human lives. As for Waco, anyone trying to attribute that particular incident to the troubling increase in violent gun crimes within our public areas is simply desperate. Simply desperate to find a way to make themselves sound logical and insightful. Simply desperate to make a straw man argument to halt any logical discussion on an important and pressing issue.

First off, let us highlight the mastery of hyperbole in this letter.

Secondly, let me emphasize the fallacy in the conservative assumption that all Democrats are members of Occupy Wall Street and vice versa. This idea is as delusional as all Republicans are members of the Tea Party Movement. Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are both extremist branches of our respective parties, and are, in fact, quite similar. Both were initially grassroots movements aimed at larger-than-life institutions, have an uneasy alliance with their parties, have turned on their own parties and have either done or said incendiary things. In case you need a reminder, I will just give you two words that will embody the inflammatory nature of the Tea Party: “Sarah Palin”

I find it quite ironic that Mr. Muzzy goes on about how liberals don’t know anything about guns, so they must be complete idiots on the issue of gun rights. This strikes a special chord considering how all right-wing men seem to be experts on female reproductive choices.

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The letter continues to highlight the intensity of the conservative hypocrisy in regards to liberals. The paragraph tries to connect some outlandish claim that psychopaths and “liquored-up” hooligans are validated by the Democratic Party’s actions. I could easily turn around and claim that the violence in Tuscon committed by Jared Loughner was triggered by Sarah Palin’s usage of targets on an electoral map specifically pointing out Mrs. Giffords’ district, among others. Anyone with half-a-wit could easily see through these sad attempts at making an association between mentally-ill and dangerous people with a whole party of people.

Mr. Muzzy reinforces the outdated ideals of the NRA; that this situation is black and white. The only answer to too many gun crimes is probably more guns. It’s the proven failed ideal that if you have something bad, just find something bigger and badder to take it out. This has never ended poorly. Anyone remember Osama Bin Laden?

As for the issue of gun control, I do not have the answers. The only answer I have is that we very obviously have a problem, and we, as a nation, need to sit down and talk about how we can possibly come up with a solution to stop the murders of our citizens. This problem won’t fix itself.

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