New children’s book teaches manners to young boys |

New children’s book teaches manners to young boys

by Caryn Haller

Special to The R-CGardnerville resident Linda Chambers is the author of eight children's books available at, or at and

Without shaking her finger, Gardnerville author Linda Chambers gently helps little boys understand what bad behavior is, and how to be good.

Her newest children’s book, “Be Good Boys,” is 28 full-color pages containing poems about listening in class, cleaning your room, bullying and more.

“It was meant to tell a story to the children about behaving in a way they would respond well. I didn’t want to shake my finger at them,” Chambers said. “I have grandchildren and three of them are boys. I like little boys, and I know how difficult it is for them to behave. I wrote this to help them and entertain them and think about it in a fun way.”

This is the 65-year-old’s eighth children’s book, and is written for ages preschool through second grade.

“Be Good Boys” is illustrated by Honoel A. Ibardolaza.

“Honoel is from the Philippines. He does a lot of manga art. He had a real sense of what it’s like to be a boy, so he captured in his art what I was saying in words,” Chambers said. “His almost cartoon-like renderings lend themselves to this age group. He’s really captured the little boy essence with scruffy hair and dirty, torn pants.”

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The grandmother of four is looking forward to the release of a compilation of poems for boys and girls, as well as a chapter book entitled “Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island.”

Chambers is one of more than a dozen authors appearing 4:40-6:30 p.m., Oct. 3 at the Douglas County Public Library in Minden.

Her books are available at her website, or at and

by Linda Chambers

Burton the bully

Throws mud in Luke’s face.

He pushes past Stan

to get in first place.

Burton trips Tim

as he runs to the slide.

Tim’s afraid of Big Burt

and just wants to hide.

Manuel is the boy

who’s new to the school.

Burton steals his lunch

’cause he thinks it’s cool.

Burt’s the boss of the schoolyard,

he makes everyone mad.

He never plays fair.

His behavior is bad.

The teacher has tried

to be nice, to be kind,

but Burton won’t listen.

He simply won’t mind.

And when soccer begins

at the end of the day,

Burton steals the ball

to make every play.

Do you know a bully,

a bully like Burt?

Has he pushed you or scared you,

left you crying and hurt?

Then tell that old bully,

“Stop! Go away!

Learn to play fair

or with me you won’t play!”

‘Cause a bully like that,

whatever his name,

must learn to be kind

or he’s out of the game.

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