Nevada native celebrates 50 years |

Nevada native celebrates 50 years

A piñon pine standing in front of the Douglas County Courthouse was planted as part of Nevada's centennial celebration in 1964.

Randy Slater, who was with the sheriff's office then, said that Jac Shaw landscaped the front of the courthouse and as part of the centennial celebration planted the tree. Work had just been completed on the south wing of the Douglas County Courthouse.

According to the Jan. 23, 1964, R-C the addition added 3,000 square feet on the south wing at a cost of $174,248. Work was completed by December. Randy said it was also around the same time the county flag was put together.

The tree started out at about 3 feet tall, prompting Record-Courier writer Roberta McConnell to refer to it as Charlie Brown's Christmas tree for years after it was planted.

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The swingset in Genoa Park is installed and has been tested, it was announced on Tuesday.

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An effort by the town's children and backed by Ashley Browder's mom and installed by the Falcke clan, the swingset was broken in not long after being installed, Genoa Town Board member Trent Tholen said.

You can barely see it in the left most photo on the cover of this year's Carson Valley Almanac, but the last swingset in Genoa sat in front of what is now the Old Couthouse Museum.

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