Neighbors want slower traffic |

Neighbors want slower traffic

We were shocked to learn that roughly 1,000 vehicles a day use Wildrose from Spruce Street to slip around the congestion of Highway 395.

But not as shocked as we were to learn that one motorist heading from Minden to Gardnerville was clocked doing 60 mph at 2 in the afternoon.

A traffic study done in July confirmed what Minden residents already knew, that Wildrose had become the unofficial bypass for Gardnerville-Minden.

We completely understand why there are almost twice as many drivers headed north into Minden than there are heading south into Gardnerville. Those folks are faced with making a left turn onto Highway 395, and so choose to take the back way instead. They are a little bit better behaved, according to the traffic study, but perhaps only because they've got a lot less of Wildrose to speed up on before they hit the sensor.

On the other hand folks heading south into Gardnerville have a longish stretch to get going, and appear to be taking advantage of that.

In answer, Minden's looking at the possibility of decreasing the speed limit in town to match Gardnerville's 15 mph, and perhaps setting up stop signs to force drivers to brake at some point along the street.

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We agree with residents that there are too many vehicles going too fast down Wildrose to leave things as they are. Hopefully, whatever solution Minden comes up with will help with those who are open to slowing down. Those who aren't, will require some help from the sheriff.

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