National standards benefit Nevada |

National standards benefit Nevada


I am an older white male. I have known Darnell Leegard for about 37 years. She was one of the best and most business savvy supervisors at Bently Nevada Corp. when she worked for me. The personal nature of the attacks on her is wrong and unprofessional for any man.

That said, I have spent much of the last 30 years trying to improve the quality of the Nevada K-12 system so employers get applicants with the Reading, Math and Problem Solving skills needed for the modern workplace. I was a member of Governor Gibbon's Race to the Top Task Force created to insure Nevada followed through on the Common Core Academic Standards created by the National Governors Association. At that time the Nevada Governor had no control over K-12 and hadn't for decades. The State Board of Education members were elected; they selected then State Superintendent. The Common Core Academic Standards are a big step up for our schools and students from our routine bottom of the list comparison with others. For the highest performing states they may not be a stretch, but for Nevada they are a huge improvement. The 2011 Legislature changed the State Superintendent to report to the governor as recommended by Gov. Gibbons and supported by Gov. Sandoval. Having a real comparison with most of the other states will make our plight and hopefully subsequent improvements obvious and we need a truly competitive work force for our future.

Ray Bacon

Nevada Manufacturers Association


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