Murder in the air at White House B&B |

Murder in the air at White House B&B

by Carson

Shannon LitzTim Stoll as Haffa Hoffa, Kim Copel as Rosa Knowsalot, Rony Huf as Moel Asses, Phil Stoll as The Lost Mrs. Winchester, Sandie LaNae as Medium Rarer and Martha Williams as Miss Magnolia Mossrose Ying Nordby Dake.

Due to popular demand, the murder mystery dinner held annually in Genoa will return this year at the White House Bed and Breakfast. Martha Williams, the owner of Antiques Plus, where the dinner was originally held, has been organizing it for several years. In the last few years, however, she stopped doing the dinner.“A lot of people have been asking why she didn’t do it anymore,” said Kim Copel. “They decided to move it to the White House Bed and Breakfast in order to accommodate more people.”The dinner started as a fun community event, and Copel said it is starting to become tradition in Douglas County.Phil Stoll, owner of the bed and breakfast, will play the part of Haffa Hoffa, and Williams will play Miss Magnolia, the extravagant and eccentric “grand Dame of the Dake House.”“The guests will all be given a character,” said Copel. “Somebody’s going to get murdered and the guests are going to have to figure out who did it. It’s a hilarious comedy.”There is a reason for all the characters to want the victim dead, and it will take all their efforts to find out who would be willing to kill for the crimes against them.In order to find out who is killed and who-done-it, make a reservation for 7 p.m. March 22 or 23.The evening will be catered by Buona Sera, and tickets cost $45.Seating is limited to 30 diners per evening, reservations can be made by calling 782-4951, and must be made in advance.

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