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Minden third-grader earns place on school’s reading Wall of Fame

by Caryn Haller

Third-grader Kennedy Cole has earned her spot on Minden Elementary’s Reading Counts Wall of Fame.

The nine-year-old accumulated 1,001 points, the most points in her school, during the Scholastic Reading Counts program.

“I thought it was really great. I was excited. I read over 3 million words,” Kennedy said. “My first goal was to get 400 points, but I passed that really early in the year, and I wanted a harder goal so I went for 1,000.”

Scholastic Reading Counts is an independent reading program for Grades K-12 which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment.

Students choose a book from more than 1,500 titles that is appropriate for their skills and matches their interests.

After finishing a book, they take the corresponding quiz to earn points. Point values are determined by how difficult the book is.

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“It helps get kids excited about reading,” third-grade teacher Lauren Spires said. “It’s an incentive for them to try reading a book they might not have tried before.”

Kennedy read more than 100 books to earn her points, and discovered new titles along the way.

“I really liked ‘The Kingdom Keepers’ series and ‘The Sisters Grimm’ series,” she said. “The school’s librarian Mrs. Myers was really helpful and suggested the books I should read.”

She also said she got 10 out of 10 on most of the quizzes.

“The history book quizzes were the hardest. They helped me learn things I didn’t know before,” Kennedy said. “The questions they ask really make you think because it’s stuff you never thought about before.”

For earning more than 1,000 points Kennedy received an iPod Shuffle.

“It was her goal all year. She had it all planned out to get her 1,000 points,” Spires said. “When she hit the mark I was very impressed by her perseverance and motivation to get to it.”

At the beginning of the year, Kennedy’s father, Keith, said he would take her to a San Francisco Giants game if she reached 400 points. On Tuesday, she watched her favorite team play for the first time.

“Mom and I are very proud of this girl,” Keith said. “We appreciate everything Mrs. Spires and Mrs. Myers did to help her achieve this. It’s fantastic.”

Kennedy said she doesn’t plan on taking a summer break from reading.

She is doing a book exchange with her cousin, as well as reading the last book in “The Sisters Grimm” series.

“I really like reading because it takes me to places I’ve never been before,” she said. “It could take you to Disneyland. It could take you to Africa. It could take you anywhere.”

Top Readers

Spencer Kaufmann, 6th grade – 500 points

Ethan Lee, 5th grade – 662 points

Indiana Guerrazzi, 4th grade – 428 points

Kennedy Cole, 3rd grade – 1001 points

Mia Bertolone, 2nd grade – 484 points

Livia Langhoff, 1st grade – 310 points

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