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Minden Aspen being trashed

Angelique Ellison


So I just want to vent my frustration about the younger generation and their “don’t give a darn” attitude. I go to Aspen Park in the Gardnerville Ranchos with my 4 year old often. My experience is full of stress and disgust each time with a little fear for our safety.

By the alley entrance and Galena Court entrance there are always a group of teenagers and maybe early 20 year olds sitting in a group. Normally that would not bother me because I too was a teenager, but what they are doing is disgusting. First of all the trash that is scattered all over that area is mind boggling, the hooka smoking is uncalled for, the dogs with them are clearly against park rules, and the drug deals being done is aggravating.

Last week when I took my child to ride their bike I found shot gun shells in that area. Also my husband and I saw a teen arrive on a quad by the Lyell Way playground, walk over to a teen that was from a group on the Galena entrance and pass something hand to hand and walk back to his quad and ride off. The other teen walked back to his group by Galena and pull something out of his pocket.

I know this is all speculation but I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m to the point that if I go to Aspen Park at all I want my husband with me so I feel a bit more comfortable. I’m maddened by the trash that is left in the park, the questionable activity amongst the younger generation, the lack of respect for simple park rules and for the people who go to the park for enjoyment. There has to be something we can do.

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