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Migrant story unlikely


I found Kurt Hildebrand's article "Alpine migrants favor Douglas" to be quite interesting, however also quite improbable. Surely we would have noticed had we lost over half of our population which stood at just over 1100 a few years back, I think. How does the Census know that "561 people moved away from the county while only 102 took their place between 2007 and 2011" anyway? Makes me even more suspicious as to the integrity and accuracy of the 2010 census, which is really too bad because an accurate census is important in so many ways.

A friend did recently suggest, however, that Alpine County had reached "stasis" in terms of population: same number of people entering as exiting. And since (perhaps) stasis is a good thing, then we need to implement a program consisting of the following: if you want to leave, you must find a replacement; if you want to move in, you must get rid of someone. Hmmm, interesting concept.

Nancy Thornburg


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