Melodrama pert near sold out |

Melodrama pert near sold out

by Caryn

Shannon LitzVillain Dee Bauer and casino boss John Stephans rehearse.

Tickets are sold out for the weekend shows of “Take a Gamble on Nevada” or “This May be Your Last Harrah,” but some are still available for the Feb. 7 cocktail show.The Douglas County Historical Society’s eighth melodrama fundraiser is Feb. 7-10 in the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center.“This year we have an unusual twist with a female villain. She’s very elegant, but sneaky and conniving,” writer and director Dave Thomas said. “Join us for singing, dancing, and plenty of zany gambling humor at the Casino Mindenville. From the evil villain lurking about to the wisdom of the Great Spirit, this melodrama is guaranteed to amuse and delight.”Casino boss John Stephans is tasked with the job of finding a thief lurking about Casino Mindenville.“I’m trying to find out who’s the villain if there is one, and what the problem is,” he said. “It seems like each year we get better and better at either remembering our lines or ad-libbing them.”Linda Diego portrays an older, funloving showgirl.“She’s a little sassy. She tells it like it is. She’s been a showgirl for 30 years, and he loves it,” Diego said. “The melodramas are always fun and this is my seventh. It’s like going to a party every practice.”Dee Bauer has the honor of being the first female villain in Carson Valley melodrama history.“She’s mean and nasty and loves jewelry,” Bauer said. “I think part of the true me gets to come out.”What makes a melodrama a melodrama is the pianist who ties it all together setting the tone with the music.Linda Sandstom has served as the scene-setter for the last five shows.“It’s a lot of work initially because the music isn’t written into the script. We have to put it in as we go, and that’s the fun of it,” Sandstom said. “You mix the classics, all the way up to Broadway, to pop, to country. The louder and bouncier, the better.”New to the melodrama is Mark Jensen of the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park.“I recruited him because we did a melodrama at the Dangberg Ranch, and he owes me,” Thomas joked.Jensen plays an out-of-town casino developer.“He has misconceptions about what he can accomplish,” Jensen said. “I’m enjoying learning how to deliver the lines.”The 14-character play is produced by John and Mary Stephans. The 6:30 p.m., no-host cocktail show Feb. 7 costs $10. The Feb. 8-10 dinner and lunch shows are sold out. For more information and to purchase tickets, call 782-2555.

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