Median blocks business |

Median blocks business

If the median is the message, then the message to businesses whose driveways are blocked by the new traffic control south of Gardnerville is not a positive one.

The completion of the median on Highway 395 near Service Drive took those businesses, town and county officials by surprise.

On Tuesday, Town Manager Tom Dallaire said that while the median was part of the plans for controlling traffic in that part of town, he didn’t expect the median to appear before other improvements were done.

It only took a few days for the 880-foot median to be installed, which now creates a stacking lane for an avenue that has yet to be built.

Certainly, from our perspective it doesn’t appear that there was any rush to build the median. The fact that it literally was constructed overnight is an indication that its existence could have waited until sometime in November.

That’s small comfort to those firms whose business access has been detoured as a result of the construction.

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A few months reprieve would have been nice, especially during the fall when people might like to rent equipment from Ahern, or purchase parts to work on their vehicles from Carquest.

Certainly that stretch of Highway 395 is hazardous enough without motorists having to negotiate a turn and then get back onto the highway.

One key to safely altering the highway is to let people know what’s coming.

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