Lucky to be here |

Lucky to be here

Michael J. Smith
Docent for Douglas County via Nevada Trails, Health Talk, and WHAT


I have been truly blessed. I have been lucky enough to be selected the Unsung Hero by the American Red Cross-Northern Nevada Chapter. I have been lucky enough to receive the Community Partner Award by the Partnership of Community Resources. I was honored to receive a certificate of recognition by the Town of Gardnerville I so cherish. But nothing compares to the award by Access Sacramento as their best new series for my show, “what.” The show is a public access show home based at the Douglas County Community Access Television.

What is on Charter channel 216 Carson Valley and channel 19 in South Lake Tahoe. “what” is about people with passion in our community and beyond.

Dedicating my life has been costly. I lost the love of my life and had to win her back. I hurt my heart from pneumonia from an outdoor shoot gone bad. I consider myself the only personality out there. Got diabetes from starving to pay for the show at $400 a month for editing. I’m obsessed with trying to help as many people as possible to not lose their home, their health or their passion to survive in today’s reality. To go through all this and have the people of Sacramento who visit us say we like what you do was an extreme honor. The stature of Public Access Sacramento is unparalleled. Access Sacramento has been named the number one Public Access Station in the United States twice. Every minute of air time is competitive to get. With the help of my mother-in-law we got in. We pay a fee but I get to promote this region to a high population base. Every sacrifice has been worth it.

I truly believe that Douglas County Community Access Station can be the best in the nation as well.

Special thanks to Linda Bacchi for sponsoring the show in Sacramento, my wife Debra for letting me fulfill my passion as a volunteer, to Mardi Lester for getting “WHAT” launched at a high level, to Justin Liberman for joining the vision of helping people with self sacrifice – nobody knows, and finally to Lloyd Higuera for your support as we will do our best to make you proud of us. Douglas County Community Access Television is worth your time. If you can’t reach us by Charter cable try You-tube. Thank you very much.

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