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Looking forward to the new year

Like the snow-covered fields of Carson Valley during this New Year’s season the coming year is blank, white, untrammeled by man or beast. No footprints have crossed that field, though we can see where they stopped at its edge.

We’re all going to cross that field, the snow will melt, the grass will turn green and grow. Waters that are frozen now will awake and burble, filled with life. Creatures that sleep beneath the frozen white blanket will rise once more.

The year 2012 will be infamous for its impending sense of doom.

Elections, Mayan calendars and fiscal cliffs aside, it was like a big portion of the population rolled box cars.

But this year, this 2013, what will it look like? Will it be the big reveal, will we find ourselves relaxing after bracing for impact? Or will those things that started in 2012 just keep winding up tighter and tighter?

We can’t know what the future holds. But we can take steps to make sure that whatever it is, it doesn’t catch us unawares.

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Our mission at The Record-Courier is to provide the residents of this place with the best information we can about it so they can make informed decisions about the future.

We’ve been doing that for the last 133 years, and we’ve no intention of stopping anytime soon.

We know that the people who participate in our community are this Valley’s most important asset. Working together, we can make Carson Valley a better place to live.

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