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Look in the mirror


As I listen to most of the major news outlets with all of their overpaid reporters who must read the news to you, and try to make sense of the print media that touches on a little bit of everything, it is no wonder that Americans in the most beautiful and fruitful country on earth are the most dumbed-down, brain-washed, uneducated people living in the country that has provided every opportunity for fame and fortune.

This country of ours has been degraded to the point that Americans who have died believing that they were defending our way of life, gave their lives for absolutely nothing because our way of life has been slowly taken from us by the treasonous traitors that make up our governing body. They have allowed the constant and continuing decay of the "rule book" of our country, that being the "Constitution of the United States of America."

They swear by oath or affirmation that they will defend and protect the Constitution, while behind closed doors they bargain among themselves and the results are lies, manipulation, and positioning themselves for their own political gain. Meanwhile, we are fed the word "liberal." Of course, nobody knows what the word means, and that's because "they," the powers that be, don't "want" you to know.

But the truth is the "liberal" is but a wolf in sheep's clothing, for he is nothing but a socialist.

And a socialist is the breed of people which are descendents of the people who praised King George III as he ordered the freedom loving colonists killed and trampled upon in an attempt to crush their quest for independence from oppression. The situation we find ourselves in today is no different than the dilemma our founding fathers faced, except for one major truth — the people of today just "think" they are free, while in reality, they have no desire to be free. So, the majority of our people remember, the brain- washed, ignorant, and uneducated mass, and I'm not referring to the three R's, rather the ignorance of our history by the people who wish for, or demand, that the socialist in charge provide for them everything — are incapable of providing for themselves.

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And "all" at the expense of others. Notice "the socialist in charge?" Did you ever wonder just how we succumbed to those in charge? It has been said that for evil to succeed all it takes is for good people to do nothing. So, to discover the culprit, look no further than your mirror.William Barwig


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