Little Ray May fire reminder |

Little Ray May fire reminder

Nothing could have been a better reminder that it’s Wildfire Awareness Week than having an actual wildfire, not far from where the most expensive fire in Douglas County history burned 3,900 acres in August.

The difference between last year’s Ray May fire and it’s much smaller cousin on Saturday was the difference between August and April in Douglas County.

Given a little more time for the vegetation to dry out, the fire behind Conner Way could have easily turned into a conflagration.

Saturday’s blaze, and the lightning caused fires from early last week, were clear demonstrations that fire danger is high for this time of year, and that it’s just going to get worse.

For those folks living near the wildland, it’s critical they be prepared should all that vegetation spurred by last year’s wet winter and dried out by this year’s bad one catch fire.

That means cleaning brush out from around your home, making sure firefighters have some place safe to stand to fight the fire, and reducing the chances that a stray ember will ignite something close to your house.

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Keeping landscaping green and maintained can do a lot to help save your home should it end up in the path of a wildfire.

We didn’t lose any homes in the Ray May fire, and the blazes last week were all extinguished without serious loss. Hopefully, preparation and perspiration will help keep down losses for what promises to be a long, hot summer.

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