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Letters to the Editor for Sept. 3, 2014

KBUL 98.1 FM Radio personality Bob Richards and Gardnerville Town Manager Tom Dallaire take the ice bucket challenge on Aug. 21.

Slow down in town


Last Wednesday afternoon I witnessed a beautiful black cat being hit by a small, light blue sedan that was driving too fast in Genoa (at Carson Street). He did not even stop.

Over the years I have seen cats, deer and even my own dog, hit by speeding cars in the town. We have a 25 mph speed limit for a reason…safety. A longtime resident lost her beloved companion on Wednesday because another driver chose not to heed the speed limit.

Sue Knight


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Project School Days thanks supporters


Project School Days has completed its main work in providing school supplies to teachers in Douglas County for their students who need these materials to complete their school work. This year we supplied materials to approximately 86 teachers (30 percent) for about 517 kids (about 11 percent of the district enrollment). We provide for Douglas County's seven elementary schools, two middle schools, Whittell High School, ASPIRE, CASA, Austin's House, China Spring and Aurora Pines. Teachers may also request materials any time during the school year. Supplies range from crayons, pens and pencils to notebooks, dictionaries, backpacks and calculators.

A generous community makes this project possible by donating money that is used to purchase supplies or by collecting and donating school supplies. We would like to thank the following for their help along with our terrific volunteers:

Carson Valley Lion's Club, Carson Valley Sertoma, Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Century 21-Clark Properties, Earl and Betti Christensen, Douglas County Republican Women, Douglas Disposal, Edgewood Companies, Evans Family Trust, The French (Jouet, Inc.), Frontier Communications, Gardnerville/Carson Kiwanis Club, G.E. Energy, Hip Hatters of Carson Valley (Valli Red Rubies), A. M. Horsley, The JT Basque Bar & Dining Room, Sally Jasperson, Jethro's Oven & Grill, Landis Foundation, Mike and Vivian Murphy, Janet and Leonard Parker, Reliance Parts, Steve and Peggy Ristorcelli, David Rogers, Charles and Karen Ryan, Lonnie Selden, Walton and Jill Seskin, Soroptimist International of the Carson Valley, Edward & Betsy Tapper and a generous donor that wishes to remain anonymous.

Project School Days is a totally volunteer, nonprofit organization, Federal I. D. 88-0393599. Your contributions are welcome all year. Please contact Marilyn Malkmus at 782-4931 or crookdrd@gmail.com if you need further information.

Project School Days – A helping hand for the greatest asset Douglas County has – our children.

Marilyn Malkmus



Danger in being too compassionate


Messrs. John Tramell and Lynn Muzzy both make salient points about immigration. However, unbridled compassion will sink a ship and a nation.

Just so many people can get on a boat before sinking and so will a nation that has more takers than givers. There are looks of hate for sure, but not to be confused with looks of great concern for the rule of law and the protection of the commonwealth.

The police, national guard, state troopers, and concerned 'patriots' will all have a look of a very serious and alarmed countenance. This is not hate, but one of vigilance to propriety. They are just trying to enforce the law and prevent mayhem. When enough illegal aliens, welfare recipients, food stamps, free cell phones, free housing, forever unemployment benefits, unwarranted disability payments, potheads, burgeoning prisons, and in general — a total disrespect of law, order, and our heritage, then too, we will sink and the nation will fail like so many in past history. (i.e. "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire," check it out)

David Goetsch

Johnson Lane

Step up to help


The influx of South American children would not be a problem if each anti-abortion and right-to-life advocate would step up to the plate and take one or two of these children into their homes to support and raise without government financial aid.

Ron Davis


A rhyme about our time


Have you ever stopped to wonder why our country tis of thee, while you go through life enjoying simple fruits of liberty.

A declaration turned the tide with evil at its core and men of wisdom pledged their lives, and said "We want no more."

They backed their pledge with action, for a concept never known, and of those thoughts which dreams are made, our country sure has grown.

It's grown to be the envy of the world, and immigrants go solemn as they watch our flag unfurled.

They seem to know the value of a country tried and true, so they come in search of liberty to live their lives like you.

But little do they know the rules, our Founders put in place. Yet they came with no conception of the burdens we must face.

To help is in our nature, and we cannot turn away. But to help them up will bring us down and that's the price we'll pay.

The leaders of our way of life, they swore they would defend. Can only spew their rhetoric of which there is no end.

They speak of words familiar to the topic of the day. And for us to see results, think not, the smoke gets in the way.

The people are recipients of nothing from the "Hill." The leaders lie, cheat, steal and spend, and guess who pays the bill.

Our closing eyes will pray for hope, anticipate the dawn. But when our eyes can finally see, our country will be gone.

William Barwig


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