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Let’s stick together in the cold

Power outages and below freezing temperatures make for a dangerous cocktail in Western Nevada.

Douglas County residents at Lake Tahoe on Friday were without power for four hours in some cases, and the whole day in others.

Add to that temperatures in single digits and people are looking for a way to stay warm.

Minden posted temperatures of minus 4 degrees on Sunday and hovered right around zero on Monday morning.

The Nevada Highway Patrol issued a bulletin asking motorists to report any stranded vehicles immediately, so they can help anyone who might be out in extreme cold conditions.

Dressing in layers is definitely in fashion in Carson Valley this week and should be for the near future.

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These cold temperatures aren’t records for this time of year, but that doesn’t make them any easier to take.

Most Januarys tend to be a little bit more balmy, but the low mercury this year is a clear reminder that we’re still in just the first few weeks of winter.

The deep cold makes our power and gas grids more brittle, it makes the roads slicker and us more susceptible to disease.

But we can make up for these things by keeping track of our vulnerable residents, making sure our neighbors are OK and generally being the community we are.

Fortunately we live in Western Nevada, where whatever the weather is, we can wait a bit and it will change.

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