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Let pot rules simmer

It's probably a good plan for Douglas County to put a moratorium on medical marijuana establishments over the next six months while the state figures out the new rules under state law.

State officials said it will be at least fall before they're ready to actually grant approval for anyone proposing any kind of pot spa or plantation.

It will require the state to finish its regulations before Douglas County Community Development can do its work on the county code.

In 2013, the Nevada Legislature modified Nevada's medical marijuana law to provide a legal means to obtain marijuana.

Until then, someone with a medical marijuana card was allowed to grow up to seven plants for their own use, but still had to violate state law to obtain the seeds. According to the county, there are 95-120 medical marijuana cardholders living in the county, mostly in Gardnerville.

Someone interested in a medical marijuana establishment has already contacted the county. Under the state's proposed regulations, the county would only be allowed one dispensary. But with Douglas County's history, we'd be surprised if someone wasn't interested in growing marijuana here.

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The county is only now working out the rules for a craft distillery, so rushing to jump on the medical marijuana bandwagon isn't going help anyone.

Since the moratorium won't affect cardholders' current supplies, it makes sense to wait and see what happens in the rest of the state.

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