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Leadership students lend hand to seniors

by Caryn Haller

Retired Marine Corps Master Sgt. Ruth Miller, 83, knows leadership when she sees it.

That quality was obvious in the Douglas High School Leadership students who treated residents at Carson Valley Senior Living to wheelchair, walker and scooter washes May 19.

“They were a nice group of students. The kids took their work seriously. I think they’ll be excellent leaders. You could definitely tell they had leadership qualities,” Miller said. “They did an excellent job. My walker shines now. It’s like brand new.”

Students Matt Wylie, Lindsay Browder, Jennifer Jorgensen, Becca Johnson, Steven Werth, Kaylene Lyons and Cassie Uhart washed and detailed nearly 20 modes of transportation. The wash was organized by Conner Michitarian.

“Residents and staff here at Carson Valley Senior Living wish to express our appreciation to this fine group of kids,” Activity Director Carol Wilson said. “It’s such a good interaction for both the kids and the seniors.”

Phyliss Hansen, 85, was surprised by how efficient the students were at washing her walker.

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“They were fast. I wasn’t out there long,” she said. “I didn’t expect anyone to do it. It needed it, and I was grateful to have the kids do it.”

Darleen Sundell, 77, had her walker washed as well.

“It’s an excellent idea because I think the elderly are forgotten people,” Sundell said. “The kids had very good manners, and were very helpful. Next time I want them to bring a bottle of glue. I’ve got some repairs that need to be done.”

Don Ward, 83, uses his scooter to get around the facility quicker.

“The wash was great. It was needing it. They did a great job. Now that the dirt’s off it goes faster,” Ward said with a grin. “They can come back anytime. I won’t stop them.”

Wilson said it is important in a facility where residents live close together that everything is kept clean to prevent the spread of germs.

“The residents were tickled,” she said. “Sometimes it’s just difficult to get them cleaned off and sanitized. It was neat to have them come out and be detailed.”

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Carson Valley Senior Living at 265-1400.

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