Landscaper, church donate firewood |

Landscaper, church donate firewood

by Caryn Haller

Shannon LitzMichael Hammock splits wood at LifePoint Church on Saturday morning.

With temperatures lingering in the teens this winter many people are relying on their wood stoves and fireplaces for heat.

To ease the burden on people who aren’t able to buy or cut their own firewood, LifePoint Church and Signature Landscapes have teamed up to provide free firewood to anyone in need.

“LifePoint Church does a lot of things in the community, and felt donating firewood was a need,” said Tim Scott, church member and Signature Landscapes employee. “We like helping out through Signature because we like to give back as well.”

The landscape company takes wood they removed from Carson Valley tree-removal projects and donates it to the Home Warmers Program run by the church.

The church then splits the wood and delivers it to needy families at no charge.

“It’s pretty satisfying delivering wood. A lot of people would be cold in the winter without this wood,” Scott said.

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To avoid having to buy wood-cutting permits, the program also accepts donated wood.

“If a tree is in a whole piece we’ll come cut it up and take it away. If it’s in rounds, we’ll take them too,” Scott said. “Anything we can get our hands on from pine to poplar.”

Since its inception five years ago, the Home Warmers Program has given away at least 500 cords of wood.

Today’s market price for firewood is $200-$300 a cord, and heating bills can easily match that each month.

“We have a purpose to help the needy, and we know right now is the time to help,” program organizer Jim Kent said. “We want to supply people with wood so they can put money in their pockets instead of paying an exorbitant heating bill.”

The church will deliver firewood to homes as far away as Yerington.

“We have made some deliveries to South Lake Tahoe, and we have gone to Reno in the past,” Kent said. “We have a purpose to help the needy. People have fallen on hard times, so whatever we have on our lot is what we have available.”

Since Thanksgiving, LifePoint has given away 40 cords of wood and encourages people in need to give them a call.

“You’re not the only person going through difficult times right now, and we’re here to help any way we can,” Kent said. “It may be wood, it may be food, it may be something else, and we as a church are here to serve. Being shy isn’t going to help get them out of their situation.”

The church also sells wood, and puts the proceeds back into the Home Warmers Program.

Volunteers meet Saturdays at LifePoint Church to cut, split and deliver wood.

To donate wood or volunteer, call Kent at (775) 772-8033.

To find out about receiving firewood, call the church at 267-0151 or visit their website

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