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Keva Juice will be back

Steve Walsh


The Keva Juice Smoothie and Yogurt shop in Gardnerville will be closing for what hopes to be a few short months while it tries to find a new home. After three plus years of successful operation the store is being asked to move from its current location. There is a need for one of the current tenants to have the ability to expand.

Thus the landlord came to us, and asked if we could move out. Together we discussed several options, but in the end it unfortunately came down to the fact that we had to move. The owner of the shopping center treated us pretty fair, so we should be able to re-open and remain whole as a business moving forward. While we are very disappointed that we have to close, and go through the moving and rebuilding process, our hope is that we can find a location that not only suits our business model, but allows us the opportunity to expand our frozen yogurt program to what it was hoped to be. The space we were in before was very small. We tried to offer the yogurt product line, but it didn’t take off since we didn’t have any seating or customer area to enjoy the product for our customers. Our search is now for a new location that allows us to do both smoothie and frozen yogurt products effectively.

Our community has unfortunately seen several of its small businesses go away and have to shut down. We do not want to be one of those statistics. Business is tough, no doubt, but we have been successful in these tough times. I am blessed to have a truly awesome group of team members on my staff. Without their help and flexibility I would not have been successful. Combine that with a tremendous group of customers, and a pretty good product and we have made it through this brutal small business economy. We didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately I do understand that sometimes you have to pick your battles. In the end our hope is that we will be back very soon. Bigger and better on top of that. Please keep us in mind while we search out a new home. We look forward to serving you again soon.

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