Keeping us safe |

Keeping us safe

Gary Thompson


Mr. President – Your primary responsibility, as President, is to provide safety for the American people both here and abroad. However, your policies, or lack thereof, have emboldened anti-American actions that endanger our citizens throughout the world.

The Fort Hood massacre, the “Fast and Furious” debacle, the “Occupy” movement, and the murders and riots targeting American citizens across the entire Middle East are examples of your inability to provide the leadership needed to protect American citizens.

Mr. President, I am outraged that you refused to cancel campaigning in Las Vegas and your appearance on the Letterman show while our embassies, consulates, and diplomats were being attacked in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and other Middle East countries. Also, your policy that requires Marines assigned to protect our embassies and diplomats with unloaded firearms is reprehensible.

Your refusal to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington because of campaign commitments is a slap in the face to Israel. In addition, Mr. President, your criticism of Mitt Romney for commenting on the Middle East crisis is a pathetic ruse to direct attention away from your inability to provide the leadership needed to alleviate the crisis.

Finally, Mr. President, you have surely embarrassed your wife, Michelle. Who can now believe the comments she repeated during her speech at the Democratic Convention stating that “Barack cares?” Sadly, through your actions and in-actions, you have demonstrated that the only thing you really “care” about is getting re-elected.

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