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Jacks Valley wrong for motocross


We are a motocross family, having raced in Texas, California and Nevada and we oppose the track proposed for Jacks Valley. All the tracks we raced were located some distance from residential areas. There is a tremendous amount of noise, dust and trash associated with any track. The dust problems in a wind prone area, such as Jacks Valley, are immense. With the amount of ground which will be stripped of all vegetation, the dust generated by use and wind will be a daily concern, especially for the surrounding residents and businesses. Erosion will occur and with the drainage sloped towards Clear Creek, the creek itself will be affected. Huge amounts of water will be required during practice and race days. Hundreds of thousands of gallons will have to be obtained. How will that affect the aquifer? Where will it come from?

The noise generated by a track is enormous. Loudspeakers, music and motorcycles can be heard from a great distance and overnight camping allows the noise to continue into the night. Traffic in the area will be considerably increased with hundreds of riders and spectators using the local roads. Will additional resources be needed to police and maintain the already deteriorated local streets? How will the track be policed?

Jacks Valley is and has been an important corridor used by deer, coyotes, bears, bobcats and other birds and animals. The valley provides the animals with food, water and shelter year around. It is one of the last avenues for the animals leaving the mountains during the winter. The Washoe Tribe should remain a good steward and ensure man's presence does not ruin the land or take it from the animals seeking its shelter.

We have written the tribe with our concerns and requested a meeting with the chairman which was denied. I hope the tribe plans to meet with its neighbors to discuss how to mitigate these concerns. An earlier article in this paper stated the Washoe Tribe toured the Pala Tribe motocross track in Southern California. That track is not located in a heavily populated area but neighbors have filed complaints which the tribe is to address. There is a world of difference between the Pala track and the one proposed here. The track developed by Steve Brown was constructed in a less populated area near the fairgrounds and encompassed a smaller area yet the lease was not extended. Why?

Chris and Sue Cocking

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