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Insure those packages

S. Alexander


Before I start this letter I want it to be known I do not feel this happened in our local area.

As postal prices rise postal service declines and there is nothing we can do about it. Last year while on vacation in Florida I mailed a package home to myself full of our belongings as we had acquired too much to bring back in our suitcases. When the box arrived it looked like it did when I sent it off but when I opened it there were items missing. No, they had not fallen out. The box had been opened and re-taped to look like it hadn’t been tampered with.

When I called the Postal Services 800 number to complain I was asked if I had insured it. Which I had not. Case closed. A couple weeks ago I sent off an eBay item I had sold. It was in a box, no paper around it with my label I had put on top with packing tape. Over the entire label and down the sides. Pretty secure I’d say. Last week the label came to me in the mail from the PO attached to a letter that said it had been separated from the package.

Can you guess? Yep, I had not insured it. No recourse. I have had to refund the money to the eBay buyer and the only money I get back is the postage.

I am out the product and the money. I am so frustrated that there is nothing I can do. So basically this is postal beware, insure all your packages which of course gives the postal service more of our money. Otherwise it’s a licence for every dishonest postal worker to acquire your stuff and there is nothing you can do about it.

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