Informed voters the best kind |

Informed voters the best kind

With a month to go until early voting starts in Douglas County, candidates are hitting the campaign trail.

Over the next few weeks, residents will have multiple opportunities to meet candidates for local office ranging from county commission up to U.S. Senate.

Even though Nevada is the seventh largest state in the union geographically, it is still a small state, where candidates for most offices are still available to chat with potential constituents.

That means we still have a sort of personal contact with people who are seeking our votes that’s rare in larger communities.

But for that to happen, voters have to be willing to meet them half way.

Douglas County Republicans are hosting a candidates forum at the Fairgrounds on Saturday. This newspaper and the Good Government Group will be hosting a forum for county commission candidates on Tuesday.

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Both are opportunities for residents to learn about candidates, their positions and maybe a little bit about how they handle themselves.

A little research, and voilà, informed voters.

We wish all the candidates the best of luck and remind them that in Douglas County at least, elections are still won on the ground.

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