Indie rockers Felsen at Jethro’s |

Indie rockers Felsen at Jethro’s

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Oakland-based indie rockers Felsen are performing a free concert at Jethro’s on Saturday as part of their Left Coast Values Tour.

Felsen will be performing tunes from their most recent album, “Breaking Up With Loneliness.”

Frontman Andrew Griffin started Felsen after his 2006 cancer diagnosis. Less than five months after his diagnosis, Griffin’s first and only child was born. As he balanced the responsibilities of fatherhood with ongoing cancer treatment, Griffin turned to songwriting as a coping strategy, which led to the release of Felsen’s first album, “Accidental Drowning” in 2009. “Felsen Loves You,” an EP on the Ninth Street Opus label, followed in 2010.

“It’s not all introspective, serious music. Felsen knows how to rock and we have a lot of fun with our songs and onstage, but what I’m doing now is so much better than before,” Griffin said. “I feel like I’ve found that clear pathway to genuine emotion, and not to be afraid of that stuff. It’s more meaningful. Whatever I’m doing now, I’ve got more at stake. And I think people respond to that emotionally.”

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