How many more must die on Highway 395? |

How many more must die on Highway 395?

Rick Petersen


How many more people need to die or be maimed on Highway 395 between Minden and Holbrook Junction before NDOT does something to make this roadway safer?

The stretch between Pine Nut Road and Holbrook Junction needs to have concrete barriers placed on the centerline in the most accident prone areas.

We will never be able to prohibit the drunk drivers that use this highway from passing out or falling asleep at the wheel and hitting another driver head-on without dividing the lanes with barriers.

Our law enforcement does an outstanding job but there are just too few to spend the needed time on this stretch of highway on 395. Entering both Minden and Gardnerville our speed limits need to be reduced. We have hospitals at both gateway entries.

People who are using these hospitals are sometimes elderly and not quite as quick to re-act as younger drivers. This causes a dangerous situation at these intersections with traffic bearing down on people turning left from the oncoming lane.

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I have personally witnessed an accident at the intersection where the CarQuest Auto Parts store is located.

As a person with traffic engineering background I know for a fact that the “sight distance” looking to the south is woefully inadequate and unsafe even at the posted speed limit. Most drivers go at least 10 mph faster than the speed limit posted making this and other connector roadways in the Industrial area very unsafe.

Signs that say “Thru Traffic Please use Left Lane” both entering Gardnerville and Minden would minimize traffic going through these towns to be traveling in the right hand turning lanes. We need to reduce the speed limits on the outskirts of both towns by 15 mph or to 30 mph. A 25 mph through the main part of both towns would be safer in my opinion.

These fixes would not be expensive and might save lives and injury.

Please join me in requesting that NDOT make this part of Highway 395 safer.

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