Horses are OK here |

Horses are OK here


In response to the letter “Sharing the Road” dated Jan. 25, I too have been bullied countless times while out riding my horse and minding my own business.

My horse friends and I are very careful not to trespass on private property. Despite our efforts, I have been chased by cars, had obscenities screamed at me, and even been threatened to be shot if I or any of my four legged creatures step one foot on their property.

In fact, I have seen people watching me coming from inside their house who can’t wait to either run out and tell me I am on private property, or just stand there and scowl as I ride by with a don’t-even-think-about-it look on their face.

I moved to the East Valley area 15 years ago so that I could have some acreage and access to BLM trails. Unfortunately, I cannot beam my horse up and drop her on BLM land. I do have to ride safely out of the neighborhood.

People need to realize that this aggressive behavior is frightening to horses. It could result in the rider or the horse being seriously injured.

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What I would like to know is if these intolerant people don’t like horses, why do they move to areas zoned for them? Go find a nice home in Chichester or Winhaven.

Sue McLaughlin


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