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Hooray for Walmart

Jim Joseph


I am thrilled that Walmart is finally open in Gardnerville. I am tired of the derogatory articles about Walmart. Walmart has to be one of the most successful retail stores in my lifetime. I read that Wal-Mart’s low prices have done more to help the poor than any government food program out of socialist Washington, D.C.

Walmart gives millions of dollars every year to various charities. Walmart brought lower prices and more competition to the retail industry. The day of small retail shops with high prices are declining. Walmart started with one store in Arkansas and morphed into the one of the most successful retail stores in America. It is a true story of American success where competition is the road to success, lower prices, and in my opinion, a consumer story to brag about, not demonize.

One of these days, a better store or shopping plan will probably come along (probably on the internet and mobile) and Walmart and many other retail stores will have to worry because that is what competition is all about.

Businesses that can’t compete will disappear as they have for hundreds of years. Businesses are extremely risky and people who start them know that. Shoppers should not have to take on their risk by paying higher prices. I know that every price at Walmart is not always the cheapest in town (even though Walmart advertises they will match lower prices), but it’s up to shoppers to decide where they want to shop. If shoppers don’t like Walmart, they won’t shop there, and Walmart will eventually close their doors. Hooray for competition. Hooray for American Business. Hooray for Walmart.

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