Healthcare law critical |

Healthcare law critical

Melanie Meehan-Crossley


If the swirl of campaign ads has your head spinning, I have a suggestion that made my Presidential choice clear. Go to for all the information on the Affordable Health Care Act. Mitt Romney promises the repeal of AHC. Here is what Nevadans will lose with repeal.

Because the act is law, right now lifetime limits on most benefits are prohibited. Annual limits are being phased out: currently not lower than 2 million and by 2014 no annual dollar limits allowed. Right now, insurers can’t cancel for your honest mistake in the application; must extend coverage to your adult children until age 26, and no denial for children’s pre existing medical conditions. Right now there is tax credit of 35 percent for small businesses (25 percent for charities) which provide health insurance (increasing to 50 percent in 2014); insurance pool of affordable coverage for adults denied because of pre-existing conditions; and drug discounts and free preventative care seniors. Now insurers must devote 80-85 percent of premiums to health care. Exceeding that limit means a return of premium dollars. Americans have already received checks in the mail because of Obama care. This is what Romney promises to repeal.

There’s more. In 2013, increased Medicaid payments to doctors fully paid by the federal government; increased funding for children’s health programs. Adult pre-existing condition denial prohibited. In 2014 tax credits to help Nevadans afford insurance will reach those with income up to $43,000 individual, and $88,000 for family of four.

America needs Affordable Healthcare act.

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