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Having a job is not a bad thing

We expect county commissioners to have a job. If we didn’t we’d pay them a lot more.

In Nevada we don’t have full-time legislators below the federal level, and we like it that way. It’s important for the people to know that their lawmakers have to come home and deal with the same issues they do.

Last week we learned that Commission Chairman Lee Bonner contracted with the Northern Nevada Development Authority to act as their communications director for 90 days.

Before he took office as a commissioner, Bonner was communications director for General Electric. That’s what he does for a living.

Had he been a cowboy or an electrician, it would not be a surprise that he took a job on a ranch, or for a builder.

When asked about the job, Bonner was forthright about it, even sharing what the contract would pay him over the next three months.

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We live in a small community, which means there is layer upon layer of connectivity beyond the obvious. It means that the county, or the school district, or the newspaper, for that matter, will have business with people who have other connections.

Bonner will have to tread carefully when dealing with the Northern Nevada Development Authority. When the county commission discussed a $91,000 interlocal agreement in 2011 with the authority, Bonner abstained because he served on the authority’s education committee. That’s the right way to deal with a conflict.

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