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Hands off, Mr. Latshaw


Mr. Latshaw, I was highly offended after reading your short-sighted letter last week regarding Christina Keegan, Miss Nevada (“Try a different dress,” Feb. 3). I was insulted not just on Christina’s behalf, but as a woman.

You mentioned the importance of substance in women, and had you observed more than Christina’s appearance, you’d find an abundance of substance – an aspiring doctor, a Children’s Miracle Network volunteer and a deeply involved advocate who helps survivors of sexual assault. Christina Keegan represented Nevada with poise and maturity. What she wore for Miss America was elegant and classy – a far cry from the tawdry picture you painted in your letter.

I’d like you to know, Mr. Latshaw, that no matter what a woman wears, the message to boys will always be “hands off,” not because of her attire, but because a woman is entitled to be safe and respected at all times. Your crass mention of the “big thing” Christina sits on, coupled with women of today supposedly having the “urge to expose the bosom,” was unnecessary and down right sexist. I’m proud that American women today have more freedom and equality than we’ve ever had, including our right to wear whatever we choose.

So whether Christina, or any woman for that matter, wears a burka or a bikini – the message to boys is still “hands off.”

Lastly, I could speak volumes on how ignorant and archaic your conclusion was that a woman’s “most important” task is to “bear and rear” the next generation. But I’ll end with this: As a potential “bearer and rearer” of the next generation myself, I pray I have children with half as much substance as our Miss Nevada, Christina Keegan.

Tracy Tierney

Roseville, Calif.