Gun violence out of control |

Gun violence out of control

Harold Zaroff


I am so upset by the gun violence in this country that I have written this very sarcastic letter considering what this gun liberty could lead to in the hands of some individuals. Should you choose not to publish this letter, I will understand.

In this modern age of self-protection, may I suggest the following new and helpful ideas?

Instead of window labels indicating that a home or store is protected by a security system, let us modernize these labels to read “This home is protected by two shotguns, two Glocks, a Thompson Tommy gun, an Uzi, a Bushmaster, a Kalashnikov, and a Civil War Colt and Gatling gun with a machete in case of gun jamming.”

Other ideas for your perusal would be an automatic weapon in the office of every principal and assistant principal, with a Glock for every school counselor. Warning: This could discourage student visits to the administrative and guidance offices.

For the ultimate school security may I recommend low flying drones that could blast an illegal entrant from 20 yards of any school entrance? Of course, the drones would only fly during school hours. No need to overdo it.

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To follow up on the statement of the head of the NRA, Mr. LaPierre, let us now arm the good guys with white shirts and the bad guys with black shirts so we know who is who in a gun battle.

These are only a few ideas to protect us from disturbed individuals, while allowing the protection of our God given gun rights and liberties, and a Second Amendment that was meant for militias in a different age, more than 200 years ago.

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