Gun control a liberal ruse |

Gun control a liberal ruse


The Fast and Furious vultures who provided assault weapons used to murder hundreds of Mexicans, who never apologized for the murder of innocent children at Waco, took only moments to alight on the bodies of the dead school children. Blood still dripping from their beaks, they’re flacking the false promise of gun control. The vultures want to ban the guns that were banned in America in 1994, a ban that expired in 2004, with neither event having an appreciable effect on homicides. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, gave the game away when he recently called for Obama to exploit (his word) the deaths of schoolchildren to pass gun control laws.

There’s irony in a political party that routinely uses street violence via surrogates like Occupy Wall Street and the unions lecturing Americans about violence. Democrats have stretched the definition of peaceful assembly from gathering in the public square to blocking roads and sidewalks, chucking rocks and gasoline bombs, and vandalizing property. Funny how innocent bystanders, law enforcement officers, and small business owners end up paying for the sins of big business, big oil, or any other big enemy of the left. Flinging bodily waste in a cop’s face is freedom of expression, but pepper spray is waterboarding.

How could your average psychopath or liquored-up hooligan look at a party that violates laws that get in their way and not consider it an endorsement of their own redress of grievances? Who could be surprised that the NRA’s post-shooting press conference was disrupted and its spokesperson shouted down by Code Pink agitators? First Amendment rights are to be abridged by force when some inconvenient truth may come from the wrong side of the argument. Freedom for me, but not for thee.

So we must endure more babble about gun control from dolts who don’t know a clip from a magazine, who think bullet and cartridge are interchangeable terms, who are ignorant of the difference between semi-automatic and automatic firearms, who propose remedies like background checks that are already on the books.

Democrats and their handmaidens in the ACLU have spent decades suing and legislating to prevent families of violent psychotics from forcing them to get mental health treatment. They defend imaginary civil rights for homicidal kooks, but when their policies produce predictable slaughter it’s time to abridge someone else’s there-it-is-in-the-Constitution Second Amendment rights as penance.

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