Great job ‘Wildflower’ |

Great job ‘Wildflower’


Last month, a relative used A Wildflower Florist to deliver flowers for my birthday. Unfortunately, I was out of town for four days from the day of my birthday until three days after. A Wildflower made multiple calls and attempts to deliver, finally leaving the flowers with a neighbor next door. Although I finally got them at four days old, they were still lovely to me. However, my sister-in-law was dissatisfied, insisting I have them rectify the situation. So, reluctantly and somewhat embarrassed, I went to their business just to let them know how my sister-in-law felt.

I quickly followed up with how delighted I was with the arrangement, having no desire at all for anything more than what I had received. All of the staff and the owner insisted-on a suitable compensation, refusing “no thank you” as an answer from me. They are the definition of good customer service.

Having lived here for 26 years, my husband and I do our best to support our local small businesses, and try to spread the love around to as many as we can. We believe wonderful businesses such-as-they-are the heart of our community. Patronage to them will benefit us all.-So, thank you to A Wildflower Florist.

Judy Jacobs


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