Grateful to be alive |

Grateful to be alive

Christine Bredow


On Nov. 20, Highway 395 North was temporarily closed due to a motor vehicle accident. I was part of that accident and wanted to express some thoughts and appreciation. To begin, I started driving when I was seventeen, and this was my first accident. I apologize to the community for any delay anyone may have experienced during this time, especially since it was the day before Thanksgiving. It’s amazing when looking at all that happened; my daughter, who was in the accident with me, just celebrated her fourth birthday the day after Thanksgiving, and I am so thankful to be alive with her.

Furthermore, I am indebted to the kind family who stopped to help me. To the family, Mike, Emma, baby and mom, your family was so helpful and thoughtfully caring for my daughter during the accident. She was in the back seat in her car seat during the accident and suffered minor head trauma and now re-enacts the events of the car accident with her toys at home. Mike and his wife were very helpful during the accident; their children entertained my daughter and kept her safe; I want to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you. In addition, thank you all who stopped and helped me through this experience.

I feel that making a left out of Airport Road should be illegal. It is a very hazardous intersection. I think making a right hand turn or even going through Heybourne to Johnson Lane would be an even better route. Turning left from Airport Road crossing the traffic is dangerous and should be revoked. A right hand turn or going through to Johnson Lane is a safer route.

I am disappointed with the outcome of the accident. The other driver was 100 percent at fault and my truck, which was an older Toyota T-100, has been totaled. It will not be replaced 100 percent by her insurance company and we do not have the funds to get what we need. My husband had been unemployed for the past three years so financially we are trying to figure it all out.

I am so grateful and thankful to be alive, to walk away from that accident, to have my family, and to live in a community that has such thoughtful and caring residents.

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Now we must endure the challenges of moving on. Driving is definitely not my favorite thing to do, especially passing the accident site daily; however, my sincere appreciation goes to all who stopped to help during this time, I apologize for any inconvenience anyone may have suffered, and finally, the county should review the rights to turn left from Airport Road. Thank you.

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