Good weather luck so far |

Good weather luck so far

The first weekend of December is a big deal in Carson Valley. The towns kick on their Christmas decorations, we have a parade and a variety of other events celebrating the arrival of the season.

That’s why when a major storm was forecast to slam Western Nevada over the weekend, everyone was right to be concerned about what was coming.

But luck was the watchword this weekend with the weather clearing, allowing events to progress under reasonable conditions.

With temperatures in the low 50s, Parade of Lights might even have been described as warm compared to past years when below freezing temperatures were the rule.

And we got a lot of rain: Gardnerville posted 1.59 inches during the five-day storm, while Minden recorded 2.22 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

But Carson Valley is designed by both man and nature to drain, and the Valley’s waterways did their job. We were under more threat from high winds, which hit 70 mph just after midnight on Sunday.

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As it turns out this weekend’s storm was very wet, but not as much of a threat to life and limb (tree limbs excepted) as advertised.

But the key in dealing with any disaster is to be prepared for whatever may come, even if it turns out not to be the end of the world or even close.

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