Golden Rule won’t replace stop signs |

Golden Rule won’t replace stop signs

The view from Gardnerville into Minden on Wildrose Drive showing the difference in speed limits between the two towns. Residents in Minden asked the town board to install additional stop signs or lower the speed to 15 mph on their section of Wildrose.


I do appreciate the intent of the editorial regarding the "ersatz" (what an obscure but great word) bypass which Wildrose Drive has become. But Wildrose Drive in Minden and Gardnerville is rather a unique instance of an unintentional bypass. When the subdivision was built, it was an isolated group of streets, and a very quiet neighborhood. Perhaps that is why sidewalks were not required. In the early 1980's when the Community Medical Center was put in the back of Stratton Center with mostly donated funds, the dirt track to the Garden Cemetery was paved, and Douglas Avenue was Connected to Spruce Street, thus the birth of a bypass.

There are still no sidewalks in the Spruce, Willow, Church, Wildrose, Wildrose (Orphan) Alley area, but it is probably the most walked, bicycled, baby strollered, run upon (including Douglas High School cross country practice and meets), and dog walker friendly "ersatz bypass" in the Carson Valley. The volume of traffic, fast or slow, mixed with the other purposes is dangerous, especially when parked vehicles are included in the uses. It is naive to think that people who are speeding in a residential area of such great pedestrian type use, to save a few seconds, will for a second consider the Golden Rule. There should be a four way stop at Second Street and Wildrose Drive, and three-way stops at Wildrose Drive and Spuce, Willow, and Silver Birch streets.

Charles Gillies


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