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Godecke and Olson honest about support

Robert and Kathleen Kelly


Regarding Judith Kohz’s letter of Oct. 24, condeming Frank Godecke and Mike Olson because they received campaign contributions that she claimed were from “special interest groups”, yet she stated that it “does not seem to be out of the ordinary,” that the candidate of her choice, Doug Johnson, got contributions from Carson Valley Inn. Ms. Kohz, FYI, casinos frequently have special agendas that they will put before commissioners, Carson Valley Inn is a special interest group. We would also like to point out that Mr. Johnson, while campaigning declared that he is “self-supporting” in his campaign funding, but, then his disclosure shows that is not the case. Oops. Is that honest? We personally want honest commissioners so we are voting for Frank Godecke and Mike Olson. They are the candidates that will listen to their constituents and keep our best interests and wishes in mind when making decisions as commissioners.

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