Getting there safe the key |

Getting there safe the key

When it comes to speeders, we’ve met the enemy and it’s us.

In those instances where the Sheriff’s Office has conducted enforcement in the neighborhoods, the people most often caught speeding through them are the neighbors.

That makes blaming speeders for something sort of difficult when there aren’t too many folks who haven’t let their foot get a little heavy on the accelerator at one time or another.

Out in the vast deserts of Nevada’s outback, some of that behavior can be understood. If you’ve got miles to go before you sleep, sometimes you want to get there a little faster before you get sleepy.

But in the neighborhoods and through the towns, speeding is not just rude, it’s dangerous.

Speeding through a neighborhood like Chichester, or the Ranchos, or Jacks Valley, is a way of saying that whatever you have to do is more important than the safety of those folks you’re passing, or tailgating or flashing your headlines at.

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There are a few circumstances where being in a hurry is justified, such as a fire or medical emergency. But from the way people ignore the speed limits through our neighborhoods, you’d think they were all dying or on fire, instead of just hot to get to the store.

This isn’t the big city. For all the complaints about traffic, we’re pretty lucky that there really aren’t that many things between us and where we need to be. When there are, it’s better to relax and take it easy. If you’re going to be late, remember that for most of us on Gardnerville time, that’s not going to be that big a deal.

Remember that as the pilot of your vehicle you’re responsible for what you do behind the wheel.

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