Get out there and vote |

Get out there and vote

The polls open for early voting in the June 10, 2014, primary election on Saturday.

There are a lot of candidates on the ballots, but only a few of the races are anything close to what we'd call hot.

We don't expect anyone to topple Gov. Brian Sandoval in the Republican primary, but we do expect a heated race for lieutenant governor, the seat where our own Stateline resident Brian Krolicki has done such a great job over the past eight years.

If the letters to the editor are any indication, the race for Assembly District 39 is positively on fire. The race for sheriff is smoking, too. That one's far from over. A rematch with the top two candidates will come in November.

We've heard the county clerks are hoping for 30 percent turnout this election, but expecting it will probably end up being in the 20s.

Looking at the debate raging in these pages, we hope to do far better in Douglas County, at least.

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Both parties have primaries on the ballot, and with the nonpartisan (seems like a contradiction in terms in this instance) race for sheriff, every voter in the Valley has an important role to play in Douglas County's future.

As for us, this will be the last time we exhort our citizens until after the election. Election letters will be accepted up until June 6, which also happens to be the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Letters containing new issues will be accepted up until May 30, so the accused has an opportunity to respond.

Celebrate our republic and participate by voting.

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