Geese taking over Lampe |

Geese taking over Lampe

Sandy Storke


Lampe Park is being trashed by the geese.

What is happening to the park? I can not walk anywhere in the park without trying not to step in the goose droppings (nice way of putting it). I love taking a walk around the park – but the geese have taken over. I can’t enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery of our mountains and clouds without having to look down to watch every step of the way.

Some pathways are so full of droppings one can’t find a clear spot to step. There must be something the recreation department can do to rid the hundreds of geese that have made their home there.

And how about filling in some of the low spots on the walkways that are full of muddy/geese droppings water? Can’t imagine bringing kids/company or oneself to picnic in our once beautiful park.

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