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Full disclosure it is


William Souligny (the current Sheriff's father-in-law) suggested in a recent letter to the editor, that readers scrutinize and examine my credentials and motives.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have announced that Steven Orr will serve as my undersheriff, following my successful election. Steve is the Chief of Police in Lewiston, Idaho, and a former Douglas County sheriff's captain. I believe this to be a critical consideration for the voters. The undersheriff is a vital position and plays a pivotal role as chief operating officer in the success of the Department's ability to deliver critical and essential public safety services.

Mr. Souligny stated the Undersheriff position is a classified position. This is incorrect. NRS 248.040 (1b) states "A deputy who functions as the head of a department or an administrative employee… may be removed at the sheriff's pleasure". Additionally, this is supported by Douglas County Code, Title 2, 2.02 and 2.03NN, "Unclassified Position."

The incumbent's father-in-law also stated that when I am elected sheriff, I would be required by NRS 289.550 to complete additional training.

I am completely aware of this requirement. Currently, I have a Nevada POST Reserve Certificate which required 120 hours. of training. During my tenure as a police officer in Redondo Beach for eight years, I obtained my California POST basic, intermediate and advanced certificates.

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This campaign will give Douglas County citizens a choice for sheriff based on the issues, something they have been denied for over 30 years. This lack of electoral oversight ignores the opportunities for our community.

I would encourage anyone to examine my resume, including my law enforcement street experience and leadership history. I bring multiple career experiences in leadership roles to the position of sheriff, and believe without a doubt, that we can do better.

Please visit my website at davebradysheriff.com or contact me with any questions or concerns at 775-690-2599.

Dave Brady


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